Tv Head Co. x Nomad Tribe

 We have partnered with several stores in the past few years which is exciting because it helps us promote our brand and reach out to more people. One of our favorite partnerships is Nomad Tribe. Nomad Tribe located in the heart of Wynwood and Miami Beach is an ethical fashion marketplace for brands that are creating and working towards positive social impact while creating awesome fashion. Their store is in line with our believes and vision to create a brand of products that are sustainable without compromising quality and style.

On our end, we use materials that are reclaimed. We re-purposed old vinyl records and turn them into bow ties, we re use cork underlayment and mix it with veg-tan leather to make belts. Nomad Tribe uses fashion to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges like poverty,disabilities, access to education and many other problems. Their mission and vision are so powerful that they have inspired many locals to start acting in a positive way to make changes locally and globally. 

You can visit the first flagship store at Wynwood at 

  • 2301 NW 2ND AVE MIAMI, FL 33127

Wynwood Nomad Tribe


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