The Roots Wooden Bow ties

Lately we have been trying different ways to give back to the people in need. We decided to try things differently.We approached a Fair Trade Company that can collaborate with us by supplying artisan hand knitted fabric made in Guatemala. Besides the fact that the company is fair trade they also donate 10% of their sales to an orphanage called "Casita Copan". The Orphanage helps to create a nurturing family environment that encourages abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable children to grow into healthy and productive adults. We have decided to match their donations and give 10% of every sale from "The Roots" line to the orphanage as well.

The name "The Roots" comes from our heritage .Since the starting point of Tv-Head we always wanted to incorporate something unique to us into our fashion accessories. When we combined both fashion and our heritage the result was something funky, traditional and colorful. We (Alex and Fredy) were both born in Guatemala and being able to give back makes us extremely happy.

The complete line of "The Roots" will be soon up on our website.

Read more about the orphanage here : 

Stay Tuned!   

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