8 Reasons why you should use a small wallet

A lot of us often forget that wallets are meant to be used for cash, ID's and credit cards. We usually stuff them to the point that they do not close properly or they end up breaking,the picture below exemplifies this principal. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider using a small minimalist wallet.We will give you 8 reasons why using a slimmer wallet over a traditional bi-fold wallet should be the way to go. 

1. Easy access to find what you are looking for

How many times have you been waiting in line to pay and when it is time to pull your wallet and pay you struggle finding the card needed to make a purchase. With a small wallet keeping the essentials and only what is needed inside will help you get to your cards faster next time you get to the cashier. It will help you save time. If you noticed the size of our wallet is just enough to fit the necessary cards. Our diagram below shows the exact dimensions we use to fabricate each and every wallet. The height is 2.5'' while the width is 4.5'' with a .025 thickness wood material.

2. Less of a mess

If you are like most of us you probably have things in your wallet that you hardly ever use or even look at. Do a little cleaning and throw away what you don't need.If you have any loyalty reward cards or frequent eater cards for particular places you go, keep the cards in your car or at home unless you really go everyday.It does not make sense to carry them around when you go once a month. Business cards should also be kept at work or at home. 

3. A small wallet looks better

Big Wallets make you look a bit silly, espcially if you wear well fitting pants. Small wallets can fit in your front pocket either on your shirt or pants.

4.Less Cards to keep track of

The average person has 3 to 4 credit cards. If you reduce the number of credit cards that means you only need to keep track of 1 or 2 credit cards which in return can keep your financial activities more organized.

5.Less Risk if lost or stolen

If you only carry one or two credit cards or debit cards and you were to get your wallet stolen, all you will have to do is call the bank and notify of the stolen/lost cards. If you carry a big wallet with 10 different cards then you will most likely spend the whole day on the phone cancelling your cards. 

 6.The longevity of your cards will be more in a front wooden wallet.

Wearing a front pocket wallet means you do not sit on it, in return you will not crush any of your cards or ID's inside. Replacing your cards frequently can be a lot of work specially if you have some of them linked to accounts that require monthly subscriptions. 

7.You do not have to be embarrassed of your wallet

Pulling out your old wallet that has been with you since the 80's is never a nice sight. A minimalist wooden wallet will actually do the opposite, we can promise you that people will give you a compliment every time you take it out. You will want to use it more in front of your friends to impress them.

8.You will reduce the chance of getting your wallet stolen

In crowded places such as concerts and festivals or even inside the bus you can lose control and sight of your back pocket wallet.With a wooden wallet from TV Head your wallet stays in your front pocket giving you control over it which makes it nearly impossible for it to be stolen.

Our small wallets can help you organize your cards and cash. These wallets come in 4 different woods and bring 2 elastic bands. All of our products are made with re-purposed wood. Try one out today and if you are not fully convinced this is the best option then we will give you your money back!

 Check out a short clip of how our wooden wallets are ha handcrafted and design in the U.S. At our facility in Miami Florida.This is a short clip showing the process. We will have more coming soon .



While we like to explain in detail why we think our wooden wallets are great to go with you everywhere the video below explains in a few seconds how to properly and effectively use the minimalist wallet. You can use it for your credit cards and ID or for Business cards as well.

All of our products are made with high quality reclaimed wood and come with a warranty.

You can find the full line of wooden wallets on our online shop or by going to our stockist list to find a distributor near you. 



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