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St. Petes Indie Market / Tampa Indie Flea

St. Petes Indie Market / Tampa Indie Flea

We recently attended two craft fairs in the Tampa area. The St. Petes Indie Market and the Tampa Indie Flea. Both events are curated and organized by the same people. established in 2012 (St. Petes) brings local artists, indie designers, makers, vintage sellers, horticulturists, and eclectic crafters.They all come together at Green Bench Brewery to create a unique destination for artisans, progressives, tourists and locals to come together in an outdoor alternative to retail setting.

With 60+ vendors, craft beer and live art, the St. Pete Indie Market is a vital weekend destination for those in search of local flavor and the indie...

Vinyl Series Sunglasses and Bowties

After many months of trial and error we are finally here. We are proud to introduce our new and growing line of products made out of old Vinyl Records. 

Many times seen as garbage we re-purposed them to create wearable products that will make you stand out in any occasion. 

We created bow-ties, with a wooden backing for more stability and a discrete fabric to resemble the vinyl shaped bow-tie.


Subsequently we decided to create a pair of sunglasses with the same concept. wooden layers on the inside and a vinyl layer on the outside, that...