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Renegade Craft Fair Austin Nov. 28 + 29 2015

The Renegade Craft fair is one of the biggest/coolest/greatest fair show in the US. With fairs in Seattle,Chicago, Brooklyn , San Fransico, Portland and  London amongst others the show gathers creative makers and brands. The fair gathers the best and brightest talents from a modern maker community. The weekend long show is thoughtfully curated where people can shop for unique pieces.

On Nov. 28 and 29 2015 the Renegade stops at one of the most unique cities in the US. Austin Texas. The Fair Market is the location for the show. The...

8 Reasons why you should use a small wallet

8 Reasons why you should use a small wallet

A lot of us often forget that wallets are meant to be used for cash, ID's and credit cards. We usually stuff them to the point that they do not close properly or they end up breaking,the picture below exemplifies this principal. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider using a small minimalist wallet.We will give you 8 reasons why using a slimmer wallet over a traditional bi-fold wallet should be the way to go. 

1. Easy access to find what you are looking for

How many times have you been waiting in line to...