Vinyl Series Sunglasses and Bowties

After many months of trial and error we are finally here. We are proud to introduce our new and growing line of products made out of old Vinyl Records. 

Many times seen as garbage we re-purposed them to create wearable products that will make you stand out in any occasion. 

We created bow-ties, with a wooden backing for more stability and a discrete fabric to resemble the vinyl shaped bow-tie.


Subsequently we decided to create a pair of sunglasses with the same concept. wooden layers on the inside and a vinyl layer on the outside, that was a challenge. We spent 8 months between designing and manufacturing them. Many times we tought we were done but had to go back to the drawing board to finish and polish minor details.Finally we were able to get all the details covered and we were able to get a product that we liked and was in line with our craftmanship and quality.

We name the frames based on the two main characters of HBO series "Vinyl" because we thought it was only proper to do so. 


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