Welcome to the TVHEAD Co. Headquarters

A few years ago when we started and founded Tv Head at our Garage our mission was to provide everyone with cool T-shirts at affordable prices. Well.... things change and so does the way we perform business. We moved from apparel to accessories and with rapid growth we needed a bigger space in order to satisfy the volume and demand.

In this blog post we want to share with you a few pictures of our warehouse and the place we call home, after all we spend several hours here creating,handcrafting and bouncing ideas about what our next product is going to look like, so we think it's only fair to share with you.

The TVHead Co. Headquarters is located in Hialeah Gardens, west of Miami on the industrial side of town. The location is centrally located in Miami Dade and gives us easy access to any city in Dade and Broward. Our Day to Day operations are all managed from this point. Daily Shippings, manufacturing and customer service to name a few.


The office space is big enough to hold the crew. A fridge full of beer to stay hydrated and plenty of local art to inspire us.Some work from our talented friends Javier Corrales, Wen Juice and Danial Ryan .Check them out ,their art is pretty awesome.The back room is our storage room. This room has all of our finished products ready to ship anywhere in the world or go to the coolest stores nationwide and internationally.(Check our where to buy page to find out more).

The back of the warehouse holds our equipment which includes laser cutters,Cnc Routers and other tools needed to make our job easier.



Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. We will be posting a few more pictures of our warehouse in the near future.


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